Our Essence

Jewellery is elemental, the gems and metals created over centuries come to us as a gift of Mother nature.
Our quantum in the journey is to transform them into beautiful jewels.

Our stories embrace and intertwine natural wonders, myths that cross cultures and generations and the intrinsic power of people, possibility and perspective. Designs are exalted by shape, structure, proportion and flow.

Ortaea has attracted a loyal client base inclusive of royals, jewellery collectors and
celebrities from around the globe.

The Journey of the Ortaea Jewel

Creative Director

Established in London, the name Ortaea combines the Latin word Ortus meaning origin, new beginnings and rising and Gaea the Greek Mythological Goddess of Earth and Creation. With 15 years of experience in the fine jewellery business, Mita launched Ortaea in Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge, London, in 2016.

Mita’s deepest inspiration comes from the beauty and mystery of nature and creation. Her continually evolving knowledge of jewellery making, commitment to sourcing ethical gems from around the world and fascination for form, dimension and texture are evident in Ortaea’s creations.

She is a director of Sarova Hotels Kenya, sits on the boards of various property development companies and is a Trustee of the Sandy Vohra Foundation.

Our Ethos

Ethical Mining
Ethical Sourcing of gems and social responsibility are a core part of our ethos.
We understand and acknowledge the ethical challenges that arise from mining and accordingly choose who to work with. From the social concerns of conflict gems, working conditions and basic needs, mining is also extractive and has an undeniable impact on the environment. The journey is constant and involves a combination of governments, mining companies, site holders, wholesalers and retailers.

We work with reputable site holders and suppliers with a zero tolerance on conflict diamonds. In doubt, our policy is to sever ties with any supplier who we suspect does not conform with international ethical standards.

Social Responsibility
Mita is a trustee of the Sandy Vohra Foundation in Kenya and Ortaea will do a large part of their social projects through the foundation as they have ground roots and control over process, ethics and outcomes. The foundation have worked on environmental, educational and basic needs projects as well as being involved with building a paraplegic rehabilitation centre and a spinal injury hospital ward.

Ortaea’s core ethos involves environment and empowerment. We have also auctioned pieces at events for London based charities Build Africa and Farms not Factories. We believe that every person can make a difference, open a door for or help empower another person. These actions have a ripple effect in a community.

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