Love your gems and jewels. They are precious gifts of mother nature arising from the Earth’s core. As they become a part of your memories and stories, cherish them for the generations to come.


Treat each piece as a treasure. Enjoy them, sparkle in them and take care of them. We recommend that you:

- Wear them with care.

- Remove your jewels before bedtime, chores and physically demanding exercise to avoid unnecessary wear down.

- Try not to expose them to perfumes, lotions and detergents.

- Store each piece in a separate pouch or in the original box they were presented to you in and avoid putting any weight on them in the course of travels or storage.

- Ensure that pieces are properly protected and particularly in the case of necklaces and earring, ensure the diamonds are not touching / scratching the metals and any of the other gems.

- Keep them in a secure location.

- Bring your pieces to us to clean/polish annually so that we can ensured that their condition is upkept and any unnoticed knocks leading to scratches and loosening of gems or diamonds is restricted.

- If necessary clean pieces at home using fairy liquid and water and be careful and get advice on which colored gems can and cannot be cleaned in ultrasonic machines at home or at other jewelers.

- Bring your black gold pieces only to us in the event that any enlivening of black rhodium is required.

- Always ensure earring backs are clicked into place and secure and if a ring has become too big please do have it sized.