What lies Beyond

If we could see the miracle in a single flower clearly our whole lives would change” Buddha

There is always more to everything than what simply meets the eye. Do we see the miracle in a flower? Do we question beyond what we see or hear? Do we try to see a situation from varying perspectives in order to paint a clearer picture? Do we believe in the true power we each have within us?

We will begin our stories with a special part of our essence. Ortaea is inspirited by an intrigue for ‘what lies beyond’. At the core of our inspiration is Mother Nature and her abounding, etheric, and magically interconnected wholeness. It is not just the beauty that we see, but the process in creation of intelligent systems that do not have a consciousness, yet communicate and understand that each part lends itself to a greater whole. This is our space our curiosity and creativity.

Our jewels are storied in these miracles of nature. Born from metals and gems created over centuries in the Earth’s core, they are a piece of nature, a reminder of the beauty of creation all around us.

There is something about nature that makes us feel a part of something so vast and we trust that innately. In fact, in a very intense period in my life, as I stood in awe of a symphony of light in the sky, surrounded by snow in a volcanic terrain, the aurora borealis was that light of nature that gave me the conviction and courage to create Ortaea Fine Jewellery. Ortaea opened in the new jewellery room at Harvey Nichols in November 2016.

Life is never still, change is constant and sometimes doors open and a state a flow ensues. At these times you know that you are in the right place at the right time. Then there are the other times when challenges come to push you to learn and move forward again. After over 3 amazing years, 2020 began with a strategic change that led to the closing of the Fine Jewellery Room at Harvey Nichols. At the time this was overwhelming to say the least however with acceptance began a newer direction, a space of technology, innovation and creativity. I now realise that I may never have enjoyed what I do, more than I do now.

Every time we take a deep breath as we bathe in the light of the sun, gaze at a starry expanse of the night’s sky or marvel at a mountainous vista, we feel awakened to possibility. When we understand that we are a part of and supported by something so vast that we are enlivened by something that transcends us. Life does not remain still and as part of my journey I have learnt that challenges will always come but they often push you to learn and grow immensely.

2020 brought an ocean of change with it for almost everyone we each know. If we had any doubts before, we have come to understand that we cannot control or master anything but our own actions. Since we are all energy, we have the ability to transform our own energy. We simply need to look at what lies beyond.

Signed by Mita Vohra,